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US Sailing Made The Announcement For Youth Olympic Games Roster 2018

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The US Sailing has declared the roistered names as well as details for the 2018 U.S. Youth Olympic Sailing Team who will compete at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018. The event will take place between October 6-18. The event takes place every four years, and 2018 is the third edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games. The organizers are expecting nearly 4,000 athletes hailing from over 200 nations. The event is anticipated to include more than 100 athletes aged between 15-18 years.

Roster of Those Who Will Compete In the U.S. Youth Olympic Sailing Team 2018 at the Youth Olympic Games:

    • Windsurfing, the Girls team – Techno 293 Plus:  Dominique Starter from Miami.
    • US Sailing Youth Worlds Team 2018 and 2017.
    • Windsurfing the Boys team – Techno 293 Plus: Manuel Nores from the Miami Beach.
    • S. Youth Sailing Champions 2018 and 2017.
    • Kitesurfing the Boys team – IKA Twin Tip Racing: Cameron Maramenides from Anna Maria.
    • R Youth Slalom World Champion 2017 TT.
    • Two-Person Multihull the mixed team – Nacra 15: Nicolas Martin from Houston and AnaClare Sole from Houston.
    • 2018 US Sailing Youth Worlds Team.
    • 2018 U.S. Youth Sailing Champions.

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Volvo Ocean Race 7th Team

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With the Volvo Ocean Race that has started off this weekend, there was a last minute addition of a Dutch sailor who joined team AkzoNobel. Simeon Tienpont was confirmed as skipper for the team only hours before the race commenced. There were certain crew changes that led to the last minute approval. For Simeon this was definitely a life changing moment.


The team is being sponsored by a Dutch paint brand that announced that there would be a replacement sought for the skipper position as there had arisen a dispute between the management and sponsors of the team. Tienpont was reinstated after the arbitration process that followed led to the final result that he would be skipper of the team. Tienpont stated that the week had been a turbulent one, but he was happy for the support he received from the crowd. That gave the team strength to carry on. However, there were three members who held out and elected to be out of the sailing crew of the boat when Tienpont was resurrected as captain of the boat.  Due to the disputes that arose Tienpont was not given enough time and hence he put together a mixed crew that comprised of six men along with two women sailors as per the qualification norms for Leg 1. This would lead to the team sailing a distance of about 2700 km to reach the first stop on the race course in Lisbon in Portugal.

The crew has been found to comply with the necessary medical and safety qualifications as well as seamanship required for the race which was part of the statement issued by the race director. AkzoNobel is one of the seven teams that have embarked on the race that started from the Alicante harbor of Spain and would continue till June 2018.

Adelasia To Be Part Of EFG Sailing

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EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour 2017 edition has got a new entry.

In the 2017 edition of game Adelasia Di Torres, team from Sardinia, Italy will also take part. The event will start from February and will end in March. The venue of the event is Muscat in Oman.

The team has been created by a keen sailor Renato Azara; he is a Costa based sailor. Before, creating the team, Azara was the managing director of a world renowned agency for yacht management Sardinia Yacht Services. After creating the squad, Azara participated in many events and came out as winner. First with team Adelasia Di Torres’, Azara won the (FTR) Formenton Trophy Regatta in the division of racing. In (RMSR) Rolex Middle Sea Race, the team took classic and secured third place in ORC group overall. Continue reading

Largest Superyacht Sets Sail

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The largest super yacht is ready for sailing and it is hitting the headlines. It is being taken to the sea and would undergo a test run. There are three masts in this super yacht that are 300 ft long. That makes it taller than even the tower of Big Ben. The vessel is about 468 ft in length.

Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, a Russian billionaire owns the yacht and has gotten it out of the German naval yard which lies in Kiel. It was hauled out with a tugboat and it moved at a speed of over twenty knots. The super yacht is estimated to cost about $450million.

However, the super yacht has not been driven at full potential as yet as the three sails are yet to be unveiled for sailing. It would probably be tested sometime next week. It is called Sailing Yacht A as named by the owner, and operated by Scottish Yacht Charters. The owner has made headlines with his motor yacht A which he moored in the Thames in September.

The super yacht with its large sailing masts was impossible to miss out as it was taken for a test run. That was more foe the masts that it has which are taller than Big Ben. For those who wish to know more about the Sailing Yacht A, there are eight floors in total inside the gigantic yacht. There is a helicopter pad as well in a deck. Continue reading