SAP Team At Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands see the SAP team of the Extreme sailing competition gather a phenomenal win.

There was a nail biting finish in the double point’s race. This was Act 3 of Extreme Sailing Series which was held in Madeira Islands. The Danish flagged team won this time. The other competitors like Alinghi fought well and took the second place from Oman Air. They were unable to beat the SAP team though. As a result the Swiss team finished in the second position. The Oman Air finished in the third position as a result.

The SAP team admitted that the weather conditions were shifty that made it stressful of the first two days. As a result, the team was unsure of how they would finish; they were initially at the first mark and then they landed at the bottom but the last race saw them emerge victorious. Even though the competition was a stressful one for those sailing, it was stressful for the ones who watched as well.

Alinghi also posted good results overall in the competition with two wins and two second positions that they acquired. The team’s skipper felt that the results were good overall and that SAP Extreme team deserved the win as they were stronger. Also, the team now looks forward to the forthcoming edition of the race in Barcelona. Indeed, the Extreme sailing series now moves to Act 4 which would begin in a matter of weeks. This leaves two wins for a SAP team in the current season while Alinghi has managed a single Act win so far. The Swiss team does remain ahead on the points they have acquired so far. The three teams are tight, SAP, Alinghi and Oman Air and the season holds many promises for them. The fans can also look forward to the next edition of the Extreme Sailing Series.