2017 RYA Club Of The Year Finalists Reveled

The 2017 RYA Club of the Year awards will be given away at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show.

The overall winner of the prestigious 2017 RYA Club of the Year will be announced when the event takes place at Alexandra Palace in London on 4th March 2017. The RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show is believed to be bigger and better this year and the award presentation during the event is the icing on top of the cake.

There have been five clubs names that have been shortlisted and announced by the organizers. The five finalists were recognized for their contributions and achievements made across five different types of categories.

  • For Innovation: Heart of England Offshore Cruising Association.
  • For Facility Development: Whitefriars Sailing Club.
  • For Increasing Participation: Ullswater Yacht Club.
  • For Communication: Rudyard Lake Sailing Club.
  • For Inclusivity: Tees and Hartlepool Yacht Club.

Jackie Bennetts, the RYA Club Support Advisor, said that they were very happy to announce the name of the five finalists for this year’s RYA Club of the Year Award. All the clubs mentioned as the finalists deserved the award as they worked really hard to come out with wonderful projects and activities to make the people enjoy the waters and also to drive them to come back for more.

This is an award that gives the RYA Club the opportunity to thank the various sailing clubs in the UK and to recognize the efforts put in by them to create vibrant sailing clubs. If there was no support and commitment of the sailing clubs, the RYA Club would not have been able to conduct the range of activities and the quality of service that it offers.

The overall winner of the RYA Club of the Year Award will be announced on the Suzuki Main stage on 4th March by Sarah Treseder, RYA Chief Executive and Ben Saxton of the British Sailing Team.