11 thoughts on “1998 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race film part 2

  1. Thad McClure

    I read “The Proving Ground”. They do portray Kulmar as a villain. However I
    do not take everything as gospel. They also made Glyn out to be a villain.
    I cannot believe that an Olympic sailor would have steered the boat
    downwind with that big a following sea. Maybe maybe not. But it is a great

  2. spencer marshall

    When I get the next chance I will show him “hell on high watrer parts 3, 4
    &5. So as to illustrate what the very SMALL boats and what was done on the
    that race by those magnifent crews. Gos bless the ones with Davie Jones,
    and may comfort be upon those families and loved ones who rest peacefully
    upon his locker.

  3. Karl Smith

    Read “The Proving Ground” by G. Bruce Knecht and you’ll see what Steve
    Kulmar is really like. A coward playing the hero.

  4. D0ctorGonz0

    The rescue operation was no doubt incorporated into the flying hours of the
    navy and other federal aircraft involved in the operation… Had they not
    been there, they would have been flying elsewhere, probably training.

  5. spencer marshall

    I have a lad and we have indeed the momey to g0out sailing perhaps around
    the world. I showed him this video in order that he could grasp the orders
    that might be at hand. I think it prudent for every sailor to take into
    account what ANY ocean or path can toss at them.

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