12 thoughts on “1998 Sydney Hobart Yacht Race film part 1

  1. Antipodean33

    Got to respect the chopper crew, especially the fella going down into the
    sea and plucking the sailors off rafts, that would take immense courage.
    And not just once or twice, but 8 men, all that adrenaline, all that
    effort, not to mention the danger, i doubt many could keep it up, let
    alone actually do it. I hope he was recognized with some sort of bravery

  2. Ric Noble

    Who takes bananas on a boat? I think there are deep superstitions about
    taking bananas on a boat due to the Caribbean banana boats exploding due to
    a build up of gases given off below deck by the bananas,

  3. Marina Del Ray

    I was on B52, been sailing the Oceans living on board my own yacht and
    while i have experienced conditions like this, they were only while sailing
    in Australia, a tough place to sail and why Australians are the best
    sailors in the world, its in us.

  4. Farr740

    Great summary and compile from so many boats. Excellent piece of sailing
    history recorded.

  5. Tamás Vigh

    because if you pull up the main in that conditions, you loose control over
    the boat… there is a point when you have to depower the rig

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