Mounts Bay Regatta Results

Those who are part of the Mounts Bay Regatta consist of a mixed crew of Appledore. You can watch the Ilfracombe and Appledore crew in action when you follow this regatta event. Both crews represent the region of North Devon at this regatta. Indeed, with the St Michael’s Mount at the backdrop the setting of the regatta event is spectacular.

There are about 24 Cornish clubs that are represented at the regatta along with the team from St Mary’s, Bristol and Isles of Scilly. Ilfracombe was the club which entered every race in this regatta event. In this regatta there is the men’s race in A category where Appledore took up the eighth place. The crew of Ilfracombe came in the tenth position.

The ladies A team of Appledore has been working on techniques and strength during the season. They were able to perform well in the race. The team crossed the line in the ninth place, just missing out on the first prize which was a week’s Yacht Charter in Trogir. They came ahead of the team Ilfracombe that came in the 15th position. The B team came in the seventh position while the C team came in the 10th position. The Appledore team completed in the 20th position. The ladies versions completed in the 13th and 24th positions of both teams.

If you look at the performance of the crew of Ilfracombe they were proud achievers for the veteran men’s segment trophy. They won the race in about 15 min and 37 seconds. Appledore acquired the eighth position. Combe jostled to gain space on the line. They made a start that was explosive and the stroke rate was set by Colin Emery. The whole crew dug in and they crossed the line and gained first position. Those who were watching the races were exuberant and egged on their respective participants.